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Antique tractors and engines are an important part of our industrial history, our culture, and our way of life. They are also fun and interesting for the whole family, especially children.

To celebrate the 10th Annual Eliot (ME) Antique Tractor and Engine Show, director Eric Gleske brought the big camera to record the displays, the parades, tractor pulls, and more, creating a fast-paced and informative look at this unique hobby passion, and some of the people behind the show.

This short program was created, as much as for any other reason, for Murphy Gleske (cute kid in the green sunhat to the left...), who, at the tender age of two years old, could already differentiate between John Deere, Farmall, Ford, Allis-Chalmers, and other tractors. (Ok, the Deeres are easy to find by ear alone...) If your child is anything like my son, this program will have a permanent spot in your video collection.

NEWS: This independent program received a CINE Gold Eagle award
for Short Documentary in the spring of 2006

So you know it must be worth watching!

To order a copy of this 14-minute program, suitable for children of all ages (available on VHS or DVD-R), send e-mail to:
Eric[at]antiquetractorvideo.com and you'll get a quick reply. (To prevent having this email address harvested by spammers, you will need to change the "[at]" to "@" in your email application before hitting the "send" button.)

Coming soon: Clips from the video for your online viewing pleasure...or don't wait, e-mail me and get a copy (cheap!) today!

The Eliot Antique Tractor and Engine Association is hosting it's 11th Annual Antique Tractor & Engine Show July 28-30, at the Raitt Homestead Farm in Eliot, Maine. It's easy to find on on Rt. 103, just 1/4 mile from junction of Rt. 236).

For more information:

President/Safety Officer
Steve Beckert
(207) 439 -2489
Vice President
Peter Rousseau
(603) 742-3016
Lisa Raitt
(207) 748-3303

For information about the 10th Annual Eliot (ME) Antique Tractor and Engine Show (that would be last year's show, folks), please check out this page.

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